Webworm Control

Webworm Control

One of the many lawn pests central Florida homeowners can encounter are webworms. If you’re on the lookout for weeds, grubs or other lawn dangers, evidence of webworm infestation can be a very unwelcome discovery. What exactly are webworms, what can they do to your Florida lawn and what can you do about them?

What Are Webworms?

Webworms — sometimes called fall webworms — are actually moth larvae of the classification Hyphantria cunea. Essentially, they are caterpillars that look unsightly crawling all over the grass, plants and leaves of your landscape, as well as cause damage and leave behind unsightly evidence of their presence.

What Are Some Characteristics of Webworms?

The webworm is a small caterpillar around an inch in length with a yellow-green body and a black or reddish head. They feature two lines of black tubercules along the back and have long tufts of white hairs. You can encounter multiple generations of webworms every year, as they metamorphosize into adults in the spring and lay eggs that quickly become more webworms.

How Can Webworms Hurt Your Lawn?

Once you have many webworms in your landscape, you can look forward to them rapidly going to work eating away at your foliage. This can do damage in itself, but webworms also get their name from the “nests” they make while infesting your lawn, which comes in the form of a loose, stringy webbing between leaves and branches. This webbing is not only unattractive but can also do further damage to your lawn and plants.

How Can Bee Green Pest Control Help You With Webworms?

Bee Green Pest Control can come to the rescue with knockdown post-emergent treatments designed to kill your webworms without damaging the rest of your landscape. More importantly, we can make regular seasonal appointments to apply preventative pre-emergent treatments, so webworms do not get the opportunity to return. This is especially important with webworm pests, as the moths lay eggs frequently and the caterpillars can already do significant damage by the time you realize they’re back.

While the telltale signs of webworms are usually pretty clear, you may not be sure if this particular pest is what’s hurting the appearance of your lawn. If you think there is any chance you might have webworms, it is a good idea to call us before the damage becomes too extensive. We can identify a variety of threats to your lawn and take steps to make sure they go away and do not return.

It all starts with our comprehensive analysis of your lawn, where our experts will assess your landscape and determine the best available solutions. We perform this service, as well as a free estimate for your lawn treatment, absolutely free. All you have to do is schedule your estimate, which is easy to do using our online calendar. Sign up for an appointment and get on the road to a beautiful, healthy Florida lawn from here on out today!