Shrub and Ornamental Care

Shrub & Ornamental Care

While we’re famous for our high-quality, year-round lawn care, we know that for many home and business owners, it’s more than lush green grass that makes a landscape. That’s why we’re proud to offer complete landscape maintenance services in Plant City, Valrico, Riverview, FL, and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s Florida-native flowers, bushy shrubs or other plant life, we know how to take care of it and make your landscape stunning.

Common Plants We Care For

At Bee Green Pest Control, we provide care for many native plants of Central Florida, including:

  • Boxwoods: Whether your home or business features common boxwoods or Florida boxwoods as an attractive hedge or screen, our team can provide the care they require — including treatment for pests and diseases.
  • Maui ixora: With its multiple uses — from a border plant to hedge to patio plant — and vibrant red blossoms, Maui ixoras are a popular choice. As a part of our landscape maintenance for Lithia, FL, and the surrounding areas, our team can care for yours, ensuring it stays attractive year-round.
  • Crotons: A bold statement for landscapes, crotons add texture and color to your home or company’s gardens. They are, however, vulnerable to scale, mites and thrip, which are all diseases that our team looks out for when caring for your landscape.
  • Dracaena: While a favorite indoor houseplant with its variegated leaves, dracaena is also ideal for the outdoors in Central Florida. With our landscape maintenance for Riverview, FL, and beyond, we’ll make sure your dracaena is free of scale, spider mites, mealybugs and more.
  • Heliconias: With its distinctive red flowers — which are behind its nickname of lobster claws — heliconias are an eye-catching addition to gardens. Our team will make sure we provide yours with the care they require to thrive and blossom.
  • Birds of paradise: As one of the leading states for birds of paradise, many Florida homes and businesses feature this stunning plant. As they require fertile soil, it’s essential yours receive the proper fertilization, which our team will take care of for you.

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Common Shrubs We Care For

We also nurture many shrubs native to the Florida landscape, including:

  • Viburnum: While hardy for a variety of soils and temperatures, viburnums still require some care to maximize their blossoms and health. As a part of our landscape maintenance for Valrico and Seffner, FL, homes and businesses, as well as other nearby areas, we’ll ensure yours are always looking their best.
  • Podocarpus: Whether your home or business features a podocarpus as an accent or border shrub, our team can provide the necessary care to help it thrive, as well as avoid any disease or insect infestations.
  • Junipers: For year-round and winter residents of Florida, junipers are an excellent choice. And whether you’re in the area or away, our team will monitor and care for your set of junipers, ensuring they’re in pristine condition year-round.

How We Care for Your Plants and Shrubs

For all our landscape maintenance services to Brandon, Apollo Beach and Plant City, FL, and beyond, we follow these steps:

  • Evaluate your ornamental flora: Our team performs an initial evaluation of your property, looking at your plants to assess their needs today and tomorrow.
  • Develop your customized and comprehensive care schedule: After our visit, we build a plan that’s tailored to your landscape for you to review and approve.
  • Begin your monthly treatment plant: We start your monthly treatment plan — which will likely include our systemic granular and liquid fertilization — for lush plants.

Our lawn and landscape services all include our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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At Bee Green Pest Control, our landscape maintenance services for Plant City, Lithia, Riverview, FL, and all of Central Florida focus on exceptional pricing and superior service. That’s why we provide service on a month-to-month basis, versus requiring a contract agreement. Plus, we offer competitive pricing with the option to save even more through our 10 percent discount when you pre-pay for 12 months of service.

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