Lawn Fertilizer Services

For a lush green lawn, you need a multi-step care process — from weed to insect to disease control. Another essential component is fertilizing, which provides your home or company’s landscape with essential nutrients that give your lawn a boost in growth and health, leading to a noticeable difference in appearance. At Bee Green Pest Control, we provide lawn fertilizer services to the Seffner, Brandon and Apollo Beach, FL, communities and beyond that utilize granular and liquid fertilizer to deliver the best results.

Fertilizing That Meets Your Lawn’s Needs

At Bee Green Pest Control, it’s our business to know the secret to a healthy lawn, which is why we use granular and liquid fertilizer. By incorporating both into our lawn fertilizer service, we’re able to provide yards throughout Central Florida with not only the macronutrients they need but also the micronutrients they depend on. The result is a landscape that’s healthy year-round.

For example, our slow-release granular fertilizer — which is long-lasting — delivers a variety of macronutrients, including:

  • Nitrogen: While it’s the most vital element for grasses, it’s often the one they lack the most. We restore nitrogen, promoting growth.
  • Phosphorus: The multiple roles of phosphorus include root growth, disease resistance, energy storage and more. We keep its levels in check with fertilizer.
  • Potassium: A critical element, potassium oversees nitrogen uptake, as well as water and energy interactions. We help maintain its quantity in grasses.
  • Sulfur: The absence of sulfur can lead to stunted growth and poor-quality grasses. We ensure your grasses keep it in stock.

Meanwhile, our liquid fertilizer maintains a variety of micronutrients, including:

  • Iron: Without proper iron levels, your grass will struggle to produce chlorophyll resulting in yellow grass instead of a lush green color.
  • Magnesium: Another nutrient that assists at the cellular level is magnesium, which helps with enzyme activation and chlorophyll. Without it, leaves turn yellow.
  • Manganese: An essential enzyme benefactor is manganese. If deficient in this micronutrient, grasses will become freckled.

With a systematic approach to our lawn fertilizer services to Plant City and Brandon, FL, as well as nearby communities, we provide your lawn with 360 degrees of support.

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Organic Amendments That Make Your Lawn Ideal for Grass

As well as fertilizing residential and commercial lawns throughout Central Florida, we also provide organic soil amendments. How is a soil amendment different from a fertilizer? It focuses on restoring essential nutrients or resolving nutrient deficiencies, as well as remedying any imbalances when it comes to the pH and salinity of your soil, which can make it difficult for grasses to thrive.

We customize all our organic soil amendment treatments to your specific location and soil.

Soil Testing That Provides Your Lawn With a Custom Solution

Our lawn fertilizer services for Apollo Beach, Seffner, Brandon, FL, and other nearby areas also include our optional soil testing service. Deciding to test your soil lends a significant advantage to your lawn care because it offers insight into the condition and composition of your soil, which lets our team address any possible deficiencies and build an even better organic treatment plan for your lawn.

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At Bee Green Pest Control, we offer lawn care services on your terms. With our month-to-month services — no contracts involved — and flat-rate pricing, as well as 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, we provide you with residential and commercial lawn fertilizer services that match your preferences and a healthy, lush lawn that adds to your property’s curb appeal.

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