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At Bee Green Pest Control, we offer the best lawn care service in Lithia, FL, and the surrounding neighborhoods, including Riverview, Valrico, Seffner, FL, and beyond.

Landscape Services

Our landscape services for Central Florida include:

  • Pest control: Our systemic pest control services rely on a combination of knock-down pesticides and systemic sprays, which take care of existing pests and prevent future ones from infesting and devastating your lawn. We also tailor our pest control to the season and generation of insect, which could include chinch bugs, grub worms and webworms.
  • Weed control: Our systemic weed control services provide pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments, which include selective herbicides to protect your grasses and plants. By using pre- and post-emergent herbicides, we can eliminate your lawn’s weeds — such as crabgrass, common couch and spear thistle — and prevent them from germinating and spreading throughout your lawn.
  • Fungus and disease control: Our systemic fungus and disease control services feature broad-spectrum fungicides, which allow our team to treat existing diseases and prevent additional ones from appearing. Because of our systemic approach, we’re also able to combat seasonal conditions and fungi, including Pythium blight, brown patch and take-all patch.
  • Fertilization: Our high-quality fertilizers incorporate liquid and granular fertilizer to deliver micronutrients and macronutrients at varying intervals, providing your lawn with essential nutrients — such as nitrogen, boron and potassium — now and later. The result is a healthy, green and lush lawn that emphasizes the beauty of your home or business.
  • Shrub and ornamental care: Our shrub and ornamental care services focus on treating insect, fungus and disease infestations of plants native to Central Florida. We also provide liquid and granular fertilization to your plants and shrubs, which may include birds of paradise, junipers, boxwoods and more. Our ornamental and shrub care does not include trees.


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Basic Plan

Our basic plan for lawn care services in Lithia, Valrico and Apollo Beach, FL, and the surrounding neighborhoods includes a series of eight lawn treatments throughout the calendar year. The basic plan does not include shrub and ornamental care — if you’re interested in having our team manage your shrubs and plants, we do offer this service as a part of our standard plan.

Standard Plan

Our standard plan builds on our basic package. This lawn care service package for Riverview, Apollo Beach and Seffner, FL, and other nearby communities provides you with eight lawn treatments a year, as well as quarterly shrub and ornamental care. As an example of our scheduling for this service, you could expect our team to deliver lawn treatments the first two months, followed by an ornamental and shrub service the next month.

Monthly Plan

Our monthly plan extends our lawn treatments, providing you with 12 treatments over the course of a year — or one treatment per month. Like our basic lawn care services for Plant City, Valrico and Seffner, FL, and the rest of Central Florida, our monthly plan does not include shrub or ornamental care. If you’d like 12 lawn treatments per year, as well as ornamental and shrub care, consider our elite plan.

Elite Plan

Our elite plan offers you 12 monthly lawn treatments, as well as quarterly ornamental and shrub treatments, plus soil testing. It’s a comprehensive lawn care service for Brandon, Riverview and Apollo Beach, FL, and beyond, because it provides your landscape with everything it needs to thrive throughout the year. Our soil testing also ensures your soil is optimal for your plants, shrubs and grasses.

Ancillary Services

At Bee Green Pest Control, we also offer additional lawn care services for your Plant City, Lithia, Valrico, FL, or Central Florida home or business, including:

In addition, we provide custom landscape plans to meet your unique needs.

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Our standout approach to lawn care, as well as dedication to our customers’ satisfaction, makes Bee Green Pest Control one of the best lawn care service providers in Plant City, FL, and the surrounding area. With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, as well as zero contract requirement, we make it simple and hassle-free for you to maintain and manage your landscape throughout the year.

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