Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf Weeds

You already know that one of the greatest threats to your healthy, attractive lawn is the presence of weeds. But what exactly counts as a weed? What should you be looking for and what can you do once you find them?

There are many different kinds of weeds, and in areas like Riverview, Plant City, and throughout central Florida, one of the most common types is called the broadleaf weed.

What Are Broadleaf Weeds?

Although the term broadleaf weed covers a wide variety of different plants, common attributes of broadleaf weeds tend to include bright flowers and characteristic wide leaves. Some of the most famous include ragweed (Ambrosia spp), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), Canada goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) and jimsonweed (Datura Stramonium).

Broadleaf Weeds in Central Florida

Bee Green Pest Control has the tools to remove and control all common broadleaf varieties that occur in central Florida, including:

  • Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale): The dandelion is a member of the Asteraceae family brought to the United States from Europe. They consist of tiny flowers in a basal rosette and mature into what are called blowballs. They can spread extremely rapidly throughout their environment and if left unchecked, can dominate your lawn in a very short amount of time.
  • White Clover (Trifolium repens): The white clover, or Dutch clover is an herbaceous perennial from the Fabaceae family. Its Latin name means “creeping three-leaf.” It has whitish-pink flower heads and shamrock-shaped leaves and is a popular pollination choice for bees.
  • Spear Thistle (Cirsium vulgare): The spear thistle or bull thistle is another common broadleaf weed from the Asteraceae family. It is a biennial with spiny leaves and a purple flower and can be extremely dangerous to your lawn.
  • Chamberbitter (Phyllanthus urinaria): The chamberbitter is a two-foot-high plant with broad leaves that are open during the day and closed at night, with greenish-white leaves and small, round red-green berries. It is an herbaceous plant from the Phyllanthaceae family and is a highly competitive weed.

How Bee Green Pest Control Can Protect Your Lawn in Central Florida From Broadleaf Weeds

At Bee Green Pest Control, we take a complete approach to your weed problem for your lawn in central Florida. That means we use both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. Post-emergent weed control is designed to kill the existing weeds plaguing your lawn. We have a time-tested selective herbicide approach to post-emergent weed control that eliminates your unwanted, nutrient-absorbing weeds without harming the rest of your lawn and landscape.

We combine our post-emergent weed control with a pre-emergent strategy designed to prevent those weeds from spreading and creating new weeds, so you can enjoy a beautiful, weed-free lawn for some time moving forward. Our method is particularly effective if you are one of the many Florida residents plagued by crabgrass.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a beautiful, weed-free lawn in central Florida when you have Bee Green Pest Control’s help. It all starts with an appointment where we can assess your lawn and provide an estimate for our weed-killing services. Contact us to schedule your free estimate today!