Grub Worm Control

Grub Worm Control

One of the most unpleasant discoveries you can make when it comes to your Florida landscape is the presence of grub worms. Found in many vegetable gardens, grub worms are an unattractive pest most people would love to get rid of as quickly as possible. What are grub worms, what can they do to your greenery and how do you get rid of them?

What Are Grub Worms?

Grub worms are not worms at all, but rather the larvae — or early stage — of Japanese Beetles. When they grow up to become Japanese Beetles, they will be much less of a problem to your landscape — except, of course, when they lay eggs that become more grub worms. If you wish to protect your garden, it is best not to let them get to that stage.

What Are Some Characteristics of Grub Worms?

A grub worm is a tiny, soft C-shaped, whitish creature with legs near its head. In many ways, it looks and moves like an actual worm. If you have a grub worm problem, you’re likely to find a dozen or more milling about around your grass or the plants of your garden.

How Can Grub Worms Hurt Your Lawn?

The main thing grub worms do is eat. Once you have grub worms, they will go right to work eating away at the roots of your grasses and plants, leaving you with droopy-leaved plants, brown patches of lawn, spongy ground and dead plants. Existing grub worms can destroy large portions of your yard or garden. If they mature, the adult beetles will lay eggs that turn into more grub worms that will likely do even more damage the next time around.

How Can Bee Green Pest Control Help You With Grub Worms?

At Bee Green Pest Control, we know bugs like grub worms can do significant damage to your landscape. We believe in a systemic pest control approach to lawn protection in Florida, meaning we do both post-emergent treatment, employing knock-down pesticides that take out your existing grub worms, and pre-emergent treatment, regularly treating your lawn with systemic sprays that protect your yard from grub worms coming back.

We have the expertise to match the right treatment with the right lawn infestation. Don’t worry if you don’t know whether you have actual grub worms or some other kind of pest, insect or disease that is plaguing your lawn. Our experts will figure out what the problem is and provide the most effective solution. With our systemic approach, we can keep your yard safe from the pests that come back every season and make sure they never return.

Let us take care of your grub worm or other pest problem today — and for good. To start using our services, all you have to do is contact us to schedule a free analysis and estimate of your lawn. Scheduling is easy with our online calendar, so get in touch with us today!