Chinch Bug Control

Chinch Bug Control

If you’re noticing dead patches in your Florida lawn where lush, green grass should be, there may be many culprits. One that you may not have considered is chinch bugs. If you have never encountered chinch bugs before, you should be aware that they can cause considerable damage to your lawn. Be sure to address the issue as soon as possible — here’s how.

What Are Chinch Bugs?

There is a good chance that you will notice the damage chinch bugs do before you notice the chinch bugs themselves. Chinch bugs are extremely small — less than a sixth of an inch long. Although they are small, a female chinch bug can lay more than 500 eggs, which will hatch into new chinch bugs that can lay waste on your lawn.

What Are Some Characteristics of Chinch Bugs?

One of the most noticeable characteristics of a chinch bug infestation is the smell. If you see dead patches in your lawn with no other obvious explanation that is accompanied by a powerful, nasty odor, there is a good chance chinch bugs are the culprit.

How Can Chinch Bugs Hurt Your Lawn?

Chinch bugs — both nymphs and adult bugs — are major enemies to healthy lawns. Not only do they eat your grass, but they do it by poisoning the grass and sucking it dry as it dies. If you have a chinch bug infestation, you will notice patches of yellowing grass which then turn brown and die. Once it dies, the chinch bugs, having been fully fed, will move on to fresher grass, meaning your patches of dead lawn will only multiply if you do not treat the issue.

How Can Bee Green Pest Control Help You With Your Chinch Bugs in Central Florida?

That’s where Bee Green Pest Control comes in. We can come to your central Florida lawn and inspect it to determine the source of the problem. If we discover the source is chinch bugs, we have special insecticides that can kill the pests without damaging your lawn.

We offer systemic treatments, combining a post-emergent and pre-emergent approach. This means we have knock-down treatments we can use right now to get rid of your chinch bugs, and we can follow up with regular treatments designed to prevent new chinch bugs from returning. This is extremely important, as a chinch bug infestation can spread extremely quickly.

If chinch bugs aren’t your problem, our experts can figure out what is and tailor a solution for your specific lawn. We use this comprehensive analysis to generate an estimate for your lawn care, after which we can go right to work restoring your lawn to health and creating a plan to keep it that way all year long.

To schedule your free inspection and estimate, use our easy online scheduler to find the best time for us to visit your central Florida lawn. If you have chinch bugs, there’s no time to waste. Contact us today.