Take-All Patch Control

Take-All Patch Control

At Bee Green Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle all of the threats to your Central Florida lawn and landscape. We are unmatched in our professionalism, experience and success when it comes to lawn care. One threat to your lawn you may be experiencing frustration with is take-all patch.

What Is Take-All Patch?

If you’re managing a golf course or other lawn or landscape consisting of bentgrasses like St. Augustine’s grass, a danger you need to be on the lookout for is Gaeumannomyces graminis, known colloquially as take-all patch. This is an unpleasant fungus that can be a real problem for your grass.

What Are Some Characteristics of Take-All Patch?

If you have take-all patch in your lawn or golf course green, you will probably know it. As the name would imply, this fungus takes the form of a dead area on your lawn, a large spot of reddish-brown or yellow dead grass in the middle of your bentgrass, possibly with bluegrass or other grassy weeds in the middle. Take-all patch can thrive whether it is hot or cold and usually makes itself known at the end of spring or beginning of summer.

How Can Take-All Patch Hurt Your Lawn?

Take-all patch kills all the healthy grass around it — leaving only the weeds — and, if left untreated, can grow over six inches per year. It can eventually take up as much as three feet of your lawn, making it look patchy, brown and unsightly. The sooner you take steps to protect your lawn from take-all patch, the better.

How Can Bee Green Pest Control Help You With Take-All Patch Problems?

Take-all patch can be a year-round problem in Florida, which is why you need central Florida’s year-round lawn care experts to take care of it. Bee Green has the tools and specialists to protect you from all the basic threats to your lawn, from insects to weeds to fungi like take-all patch. We design our systemic treatment to resolve your lawn health problem as quickly as possible and prevent it from returning.

Our approach to take-all patch will be to treat your lawn at least twice a year — usually in the Spring and Fall — to make sure the fungus does not get a chance to take root and spread. We use fungicide treatments carefully structured to kill the fungus while leaving the rest of your lawn lush and beautiful.

If you’re not sure whether you need take-all patch treatment or are dealing with some other type of fungus or weed, Bee Green can help. We can assess your lawn for free, determine the best type of treatment for your situation, and have your lawn looking lush and green again in practically no time at all.

To schedule your free estimate, just use the simple calendar on our website right now so we can get you on your way back to a beautiful, healthy, green Florida lawn.