Rust Fungus Control

Rust Fungus Control

The health and appearance of your lawn are very important to you, and you do whatever you can to keep it looking lush, green and healthy. While on the lookout for weeds, damaging insects and other fungi, the last thing you want to see is what looks like rust on your grass. Rust is a problem you have to deal with in many areas, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it on your lawn. Yet that is just what rust fungus, sometimes called lawn rust disease, looks like.

What Is Lawn Rust?

Lawn rust is not some kind of strange oxidation process affecting your grass, like actual rust, but rather a fungus with the scientific name Pucciniagraminis. This fungus can attack grasses in the late fall or early spring, when things get cooler, especially when grass is moist from humidity or rainfall.

What Are Some Characteristics of Rust Fungus?

Is the name would imply, rust fungus makes your lawn looks like the blades of grass are taking on rust. It takes the form of yellow flecks spotting your grass, which then matures into orange specks that appear similar to actual rust.

How Can Rust Fungus Hurt Your Lawn?

The orange spots that appear on your grass as a result of rust fungus can make your lawn look extremely unsightly. In addition, the “rust” can come off on your hands and get onto your shoes when you step on it. You or your family members may then bring it or track it into the house, expanding the mess it creates. Rust fungus can also be a sign that your lawn is generally unhealthy, and you may need to adjust your lawn care approach.

How Can Bee Green Pest Control Help You With Rust Fungus Problems?

We at Bee Green Pest Control very commonly find rust fungus issues when called upon to help restore lawns in central Florida. We have a very effective rust fungus treatment that we like to come in and apply at times where the conditions are especially favorable to Pucciniagraminis, like late fall and early spring. This can let us help you avoid future rust fungus problems with your lawn before they occur.

In some cases, it is obvious that you have a rust fungus issue with your lawn. However, if you are not a lawn care expert, it is not unusual at all to be unsure of whether you’re dealing with an insect infestation, weeds or a fungus, like lawn rust. When you call Bee Green, you don’t need to worry. We have seen it all when it comes to threats to your Florida lawn, and we have specialized immediate and preventative treatments for each one. If you have lawn rust, we will know. We’ll also know how to take care of it.

Ready to get started? The first step is to have our experts come down to examine your lawn and provide you with a free estimate on your lawn treatment. You can easily schedule your appointment now right here.