Pythium Blight Control

Pythium Blight Control

If your lawn is important to you, you need to be always on the lookout for the many threats that can plague the Florida landscape. These include not just the weeds and insects you may be accustomed to, but a variety of fungi and other diseases that love to attack lawns. One very destructive turfgrass disease you need to be on the lookout for is Pythium blight.

What Is Pythium Blight?

Pythium blight, or Pythium aphanidermatum — and sometimes known as cottony blight — is a lawn disease that frequently attacks bentgrasses and ryegrasses. It tends to spread quickly in the kind of hot, humid weather you will often encounter in Florida.

What Are Some Characteristics of Pythium Blight?

Pythium blight tends to first appear in parts of your lawn where water commonly gathers. It starts as small irregular spots of about half an inch to four inches in diameter, creating light brown or gray patches and streaks on your lawn. As humidity rises, diseased leaves appear covered with a white, moldy growth that gives this blight its “cottony” name.

How Can Pythium Blight Hurt Your Lawn?

Pythium blight can be devastating to a lawn. Under the right conditions — warm, humid weather and high nitrogen levels — Pythium blight can spread extremely quickly, destroying turfgrass in a matter of days. Furthermore, if you have had Pythium blight before and have not treated it, the fungi may survive in the soil all the way into next season, re-emerging to destroy more of your grass the following summer.

How Can Bee Green Pest Control Help You with Pythium Blight?

If you suspect there is Pythium blight on your lawn or golf course in central Florida, we advise that you contact Bee Green Pest Control to schedule an appointment immediately. The sooner you allow us to treat your lawn, the better able we are to minimize the damage. We can also arrange for year-round preventative applications to prevent further outbreaks of Pythium blight. If your lawn has suffered from Pythium blight in the past, we strongly recommend you get in touch with us to start preventative treatments right away.

It is certainly possible that the problems you see with your lawn are due to something other than Pythium blight. Many other common fungi, weeds and insects can create issues for Florida lawns, and we at Bee Green have post-emergent and pre-emergent solutions for all of them.

Once you contact us to schedule a free estimate, we will come to your lawn and quickly figure out exactly what the problem is. Once our professionals decide on the right course of treatment, they’ll start right away repairing your lawn and protecting it into the future.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to protecting your lawn from Pythium blight and other dangerous lawn diseases. Contact us right now and use our easy scheduling page to set up your lawn analysis and free estimate.