Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes

When driving through your neighborhood, your eye typically gets drawn to the homes with the most vibrant, thick grasses and tailored landscaping. The pressure to keep up with these pristine lawns and boost your home’s visual appeal can be intimidating, often leading to common lawn care mistakes that prevent your lawn from growing properly or turning green. Maintaining an attractive lawn means finding the perfect lawn care and maintenance balance and routine while also understanding these common pitfalls that can affect the quality of your grass.

Common Florida Lawn Care Mistakes

Like many homeowners, in your quest to have an enviable and lush lawn, you might douse the grass in a variety of fertilizers, keep it watered daily and maintain a trim, clean height. But, while performing these tasks, you may find that your lawn isn’t turning green or growing full, thick blades. By learning some of the most common lawn care mistakes, like overwatering and scalping, you can better understand how to improve your lawn care regime and keep your lawn healthy, prevent damage and disease, and encourage bright, green growth.

Find out whether you’ve been making common lawn care mistakes like:

  • Scalping: Lugging out the lawn mower on a sizzling weekend afternoon is not an appealing chore for most Central Florida homeowners. But in an attempt to reduce mowing instances, many make the mistake of cutting their grass too short, also called “scalping.” When the grass is cut too short, it prevents the blades from being able to properly absorb sunshine through the leaves, which eventually weakens the plant and makes it more susceptible to disease and pest damage, and unable to fight weed growth. The ideal grass length for Florida lawns is no less than 4 inches, so you’ll want to vary your mowing schedule to keep it around this height year-round.
  • Overwatering: A common belief is that, if you give a plant plenty of water, it will grow healthy and strong. However, it’s a delicate balance between the right amount of water and way too much water. Most Central Florida homeowners only need to water their lawns once every week. By overwatering your lawn, you prevent the grass from developing a deep root system that finds water from deeper sources and is less dependent on supplemental water systems. This is especially important when your lawn needs to survive droughts and area water restrictions.
  • Over-Fertilization: One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is either fertilizing too often or applying the wrong product at the wrong time of the year. When homeowners over-fertilize their lawns, it can cause excess leaf growth. This may initially look appealing, but it limits root growth and burns the lawn. The best way to fertilize your lawn is to find a slow-release product to deliver nutrients slowly over a longer period. Apply fertilizer at least twice every year in the spring and fall for the best results.

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