Common Shrubs of Central Florida

Common Shrubs of Central Florida

When you’re hoping to boost your visual appeal with some fresh landscaping, you can’t underestimate the importance of shrubs. For Central Florida homeowners, there’s an abundance of native shrubs to choose from. Common shrubs found throughout Central Florida can add another layer of interest to your lawn and serve a variety of useful purposes. Whether you desire an attractive, low-maintenance solution to survive the variable sub-tropical climate, you need to mask unsightly views, or you want to create a specific vibe for your outdoor living space, there’s a native Central Florida shrub to meet your practical and aesthetic tastes.

Best Shrubs for Central Florida Landscapes

With its warm and often rainy climate, there’s a variety of different native shrubs to choose from that will thrive in your landscaping and enhance your lawn. Explore the different types of common shrubbery you can plant in Central Florida, including:

  • Croton: If you’ve ever strolled through a Central Florida neighborhood or shopping center, you’ve likely noticed the bold, bright leaves of the Croton. These perennial shrubs are a perfect addition to your outdoor landscaping, or they can complement your furnishings as a distinct houseplant. Crotons are available in a diverse selection of leaf shapes and hues, including yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, green and white. Crotons are easy to maintain and will be happy and healthy in full sunlight or partially shaded areas.
  • Dwarf Schefflera: When you crave the beautiful scenery of a more northern landscape but don’t wish to endure cool temperatures, consider planting a Dwarf Schefflera. This evergreen shrub has brilliant glossy, deep green leaves with flexible stems that can be kept as a manageable crown-shaped bush or cultivated into a distinctive small tree. In the wintertime, the Drawf Schefflera sprouts vibrant orange-yellow fruit.
  • Tree Philodendron: Create a distinct tropical oasis at home with help from the Tree Philodendron. This shrub is known by its large leaves and dramatic stature with a long, tree-like trunk that supports its massive leaves. These shrubs flower year-round for a beautiful ornamental effect. The Tree Philodendron is easy to care for and prefers to be planted in shady areas.
  • Podocarpus: The Podocarpus is the perfect addition for any type of landscaping with its classic, stately appearance. It can be delicately added as an interesting visual filler and landscape texture or be widely planted as an effective privacy screen. These shrubs can grow to a height of up to 40 feet when planted in full sun and are low-maintenance and easily adaptable to any type of outdoor condition. When you look closely at a Podocarpus shrub, you’ll find delicate and attractive purple berries that add to the charm and appeal of this plant.
  • Awabuki Viburnium: Create a magical, whimsical landscape design with the Awabuki Viburnium. This shrub, native to Taiwan and Japan, has large, rubber-textured and lustrous leaves and small white flowers that will waft pleasant smells through your landscaping in the springtime and summer. Keep the Awabuki Viburnium clipped as an attractive bush or let it grow and reach maturity at an impressive 20 feet. Along with its attractive flowers, ornamental red berries also form on this shrub. Plant the Awabuki Viburnium anywhere in your yard, but make sure it is placed in clay or sandy soil with good drainage for the healthiest and most vibrant result.
  • Sandankwa Viburnium: One of the most popular Florida shrubs is the Sandankwa Viburnium, with its attractive, dense and dark-green oval leaves. All year long, you can enjoy the diverse beauty of this shrub — in the winter and spring it will sprout delicate light pink or white tubular blooms, and in the fall you can find shiny red berries. Fill in the shadier corners of your lawn with this shrub that prefers shady or partly sunny spots and moist, well-drained soil.

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