Tips and Tricks

Soil Amendments

Soil Amendment Services in Riverview, Florida Are you in need of soil amendment or soil testing services in Riverview, Florida? If you want to maintain a healthy lawn, you must know the condition of your soil. This requires an accurate soil test and an understanding of what the results mean. What exactly is soil amendment testing, how does it work and how can we use it to promote the health of your lawn? How Soil Amendment Services Work When you […]


Mowing your St. Augustine Grass

Mowing is a job so many of us hate, but so nice when it’s done.  If you have St. Augustine grass, it’s good to know a little about your type of grass to help understand why and how you should mow it.  Mowing St. Augustine grass is critical in protecting your grass and all the benefits you get from it; including a fun place to run and kick off your shoes and keeping your yard cooler. St. Augustine grass is […]


Best Watering Habits

Water sustains life. We all need water and just like us, our lawns not only need water but the right amount. Too little and the grass will die of thirst, too much and it drowns. Then factor in the amount of rain our area gets. The monthly rainfall averages vary as little as 1.54 inches during our drought months to 7.76 inches during the rainy season according to the US Climate Data Services. Knowing what our areas best watering habits […]