Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes

When driving through your neighborhood, your eye typically gets drawn to the homes with the most vibrant, thick grasses and tailored landscaping. The pressure to keep up with these pristine lawns and boost your home’s visual appeal can be intimidating, often leading to common lawn care mistakes that prevent your lawn from growing properly or turning green. Maintaining an attractive lawn means finding the perfect lawn care and maintenance balance and routine while also understanding these common pitfalls that can […]


Common Shrubs of Central Florida

When you’re hoping to boost your visual appeal with some fresh landscaping, you can’t underestimate the importance of shrubs. For Central Florida homeowners, there’s an abundance of native shrubs to choose from. Common shrubs found throughout Central Florida can add another layer of interest to your lawn and serve a variety of useful purposes. Whether you desire an attractive, low-maintenance solution to survive the variable sub-tropical climate, you need to mask unsightly views, or you want to create a specific […]