Most fertilizers are heavy in nitrogen which is intended to promote a rapid greening of your grass. They are also designed to cause a quick release and consumption of the nutrients they carry, resulting in immediate change without lasting effectiveness. This causes quick growth and then famine as the turf swiftly exhausts the fertilizer, resulting in yellowing or paling of your grass.

With our techniques and Special Blend, Bee Green can provide your lawn with a regular supply of long lasting nutrients, helping your turf grow to rival even the most well-maintained golf course. With our properly regulated fertilization and weed control programs, Bee Green ensures your lawn receives everything it needs to stay lush, beautiful, and weed-free through all four seasons. Our treatments will help your grass grow dense and green, with a deep and healthy root system which allows your turf to drink in all the nutrients it needs to stay that way.

Fungus and Disease Control

Bee Green care develops a strong Root System in your lawn to protect against Fungus and Disease such as most common Brown Patch, Grey Leaf Spot, Take All Root Rot, Pythium. If Fungus or Disease presents itself we use Systemic products to Eliminate as necessary. Custom Tailored to each lawn.

Shrub and Ornamental Care

Without trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants, no lawn is complete. Bee Green has all the resources and know how to keep them healthy and beautiful all year long.

Weed Control

Bee Green uses Pre-Emergent weed control Bi-Annually and Post weeds are sprayed on every visit. As weeds die out Grass moves in!

Pest Control

In Florida the main insect to control in St Augustine yards is Cinch Bugs.This is not a problem at Bee Green because we use Systemic Insecticide 365. We also control Ants, Grubs,Fleas,Ticks,Sod Web Worms. Bee Green will gladly visit property as needed in between scheduled visits if necessary.